Online Tutoring

Safe - Convenient - Socially Distanced

How We'll Connect

Google Meet is free and easy to use, and comes with a handy screen-sharing option that we can both use to share what we're doing.

I will also (at your discretion) record the session in its entirety and place a copy of the video in your student's OneNote notebook, send you a link to it, or simply send you the file.

How We'll Share Our Work

OneNote is a free platform from Microsoft. It's basically an interactive and collaborative whiteboard. It's available on every platform. (desktop computer, tablets, iPad, laptop, even phones)

I will primarily use this while sharing my screen to write notes, solve problems, and annotate your work.

I will setup a private notebook for you and/or your student and it can be accesses at anytime for later reference.

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Session slots fill up quick, especially approaching a school year. With the world as it is, it's unclear what will happen with schools and re-opening.

I do not require this, however I do ask that all new and prospective students fill out my questionnaire before we move forward with establishing sessions. I am certainly ok with having the discussion on the phone, too.

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Watch this to see what writing with a stylus in OneNote looks like

This video is from my YouTube channel. It's not a tutoring session, but it gives an idea of what OneNote can provide as far as functionality. You don't need to watch the whole thing, just skip around it a bit to get an idea.

You and I will both have access to the same private notebook and be able to draw, type, post scanned images of documents, and organize notes all in the same place, and in real-time.

More info about the online process...

I have a laptop with a touch-screen a natural-writing stylus so it looks just like it would if I were writing on paper, except digital. Plus there's an infinite amount of space to work in, and handy math shape drawing tools as well.

Any Apple or Android tablet can also be used this way using a generic stylus available at most retail stores in the electronics section. It's absolutely not necessary for you to have this, however it's a lot easier for us to go back and forth writing if you also have one.

The smartphone version of the OneNote app has an extremely useful document scanning feature. When you log into the notebook on your smartphone, you can scan an image of paper that you've been completing a problem on, and place it in the notebook for me to see, and for us to discuss.

OneNote is available for free for literally every type of device.

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