Math Resources

Mobile Apps - Online Tools - Practice Exams

Sometimes meeting with a tutor isn't the best or most practical option.

Below is a sample of some resources that might be useful to you or your child if meeting in person isn't the best option.

Give them a try! It's amazing what some of these services can do.

Mobile Apps

These are just a few of my favorites
Geogebra graphing calculator
wolframalpha mobile app
photomath mobile app
desmos mobile app
khan academy mobile app

Downloadable Practice Tests

Online Math Tools

Like Google, but for math. Type in an equation (even using plain english words) and it will show you solutions and steps. It has hundreds of other surpising features as well.

WolframAlpha's brains are very advanced and are capable of performing complex mathematical operations. I'm always impressed with its capabilities.

If you need extra practice is almost any math topic you can use their free problem generator.

Free online and downloadable geometry playground. You can graph equations, draw mathematically precice shapes, create 2d mechanical objects even.

I use it for demonstrating topics while tutoring, and I have used it on my YouTube channel.

The holy grail of online math youtube videos (and MANY other subjects. It started as a youtube channel for one man to help his nephew with math across the country. And it blossomed into an immense library of knowledge.

Their platform also gives students example problems and tracks learning progress.

Official SAT practice through Khan Academy!

In the early days of APH I used to maintain a channel for explaining math and physics problems.

I will revive it soon once I get some time and put together my hardware.

I love YouTube as a source for fun and interesting math content. I follow several channels that keep me interested in the topic. Please check them out, I know you'll find them interesting too.